The Bayside Flats have been covered with fish and anglers fishing flies and small soft plastics have been doing the damage on the fish, including many pushing the 40” mark.  Boats fishing in Barnstable Harbor have still been catching bass live-lining in the channel.  Up at Race Point, the jigging bite has been great, with anglers jigging A27’s and soft plastics.  Pictured above is Patrick Curley with a recently released cow from Race Point on an A27 diamond jig.

According to Capt. Garrett LaScola the water is warming up in Buzzards Bay and those large Black Sea bass are starting to move to deeper colder waters.  There is plenty of legal smaller fish but it has been a pick but the action is still great.  It is a perfect fishery for people to get kids interested in fishing and keeping the rods bent doesn’t hurt that cause one bit.  A popular method that has been working for me has been using vertical jigs such as Diamond jigs, SI Hogy jigs, Spro Bucktails, and Swim Shads.  Also I have been rigging a teaser such as a squid fly, Hogy Squid, Octopus skits and Tunami 4″ squid above my jig.  This eliminates the need for using Bait such as squid and tends to eliminate smaller fish especially on the size of the lure(baits) u are using and without having to bait hooks constantly this give angler’s more fishing time with lines in the water.

Fly Rodders in Buzzards Bay fishing large black or purple flies in the rock formations have been doing particularly well. Don’t forget to bring the dependable Clousers and Half n’ Halfs along though.  If the spinning tackle is your deal these fish have been smashing needle fish and pencil poppers on to in the early morning and evening.  Guppy’s pencil poppers have been getting it done there.
As we move forward the Canal has been producing nice fish during the early morning and evening tides.  Top water enthusiasts have been using pencils and other top-water lures.  As the tide has been picking up momentum may anglers have been throwing Magic swimmers and Savage Sand-eels.
The Brewster Flats have been fishing really well with lots of fish ranging in size from 20″ schoolies to fish up to 40″.   These fish have been chasing large schools of sand eels that are ranging in size from 2-3″.  Popular flies have been small sparsely tied Clousers, Deceivers, small baitfish patterns and our trusted MUD DOG: Cichetti’s Sand Eel pattern.
Also don’t be afraid when these fish get picky to throw larger flies at them sometime a mix in the patterns can be a huge difference.  Crustacean pasterns that mimic small crabs and shrimp can be the difference between hook-ups or pulling out your hair.  Our Fly bins are currently full of Crab Patterns:  BIG FISH EAT CRABS!  Mmm McCrabs are hard to resist…
Provincetown has been red hot with great action on both side CC bay and Ocean side.  Many anglers have been reporting fantastic surface feeds off the golf-ball(radar dome) in Truro.  These fish will also eat large flies mimicking mackerel, herring and sand eels.  Wood End and Race Point has had great fishing also from tight to the beach out to the drop off where the lobster gear is.  The same tackle has been constant in the early morning bites.   But as the sun gets higher in the sky it seems that the fish have been suspended or holding bottom.  Vertical jigs and rubber-baits loaded with 1 to 1 & 1/2 ounce jig heads have been the ticket.  If your looking to fly cast we would recommend a Rio Outbound shooting head with at least a 6 ips (inches per second sink rate.) Sand eel patterns are the ticket right now with this application!
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