The “dog” days of summer have arrived here on Cape Cod.  85+ degree temperature days have driven the fish off to their summer holding areas.  These “dog” days can be full of successful trips if you know where to target.  By now, everyone knows the stripers have dispersed from the Race and have split off to their summer haunts.  Fish are along the backside of the cape, some are further offshore, and many are making the trip down towards the Rips at Monomoy.

Cape Cod Bay is reportedly filled with squid, so it might be worth a trip out of Sesuit to try jigging for some delicious fresh calamari!  These cephalopods are aggressive and will take a variety of Yo-Zuri squid jigs.  You can pick up some nicely colored ones here at the Angler’s Shop.  If you want to go up on the food chain, we also have plenty of pink colored Slug-go’s for imitating squid, and a half dozen different squid fly patterns, which often prove deadly in the rips or wherever squid are present.

Ty Healey and his first keeper size Striped Bass, caught using lures received for his birthday!

Out on the Brewster flats things have been quieter during the daytime hours.  Sporadic activity has been reported out in the channels in front of Sesuit and Barnstable Harbors with mackerel schools still present.  Bigger fish are patrolling at night, so switching the hours you fish could work in your advantage.  Angler’s working shoreline structure at night have had good success with Slug-go’s & Hogy soft plastics.

Nantucket Sound is producing big blues, and these toothy critters are hungry and ready to feed.  Sean McShane (pictured above) took one of these gorilla Bluefish on the fly rod this week weighing in at a solid 9lbs!  Monomoy has started to be productive, and could potentially be the next hot spot.  You’ll need to work the edges and find the drop offs and holes.  Again, squid patterns are killer in the rips at Monomoy, so using sinking fly lines to get down deeper where big bass lurk will be your best bet.  We have plenty of 300, 350 and 400 gr fly lines available if you want to get in on the action before the rips become a parking lot!

Don’t forget to stop in this weekend to our Scott Fly Rods Demo Day Event on Saturday from 1:00-4:00pm with prizes from Scott Fly Rods, Airflo Fly Lines & Hatch Fly Reels!!!