Cape Cod Fishing Report - June 12

Ladies and Gentlemen, rejoice! The fishing is red hot across Cape Cod. This past week has produced numerous fishing reports, and all were positive. The Stripers have basically moved in with full force, and are erupting the surface both on the south side of the Cape and also in a big way in CC Bay. Charter and recreational guys alike have been reporting a large number of sand eel bait balls off Billingsgate Shoal. These mass numbers of Sand eels are evoking the schools of Bass to push them up to the surface and creating very nice all-out blitzes. Top water lures like a Rebel Jumpin’ minnow or a soft plastic like a Hogy has been producing. Fly fishermen have also been doing well, many big fish have been caught on the Brewster flats. Venturing out at night (with a partner, for safety) can be rewarding as the big fish become much more easily fooled.

Chatham is producing big numbers of large bass as well, and the juvenile sand eels have been driving them in close to shore.

Black Sea bassin’ has been excellent to say the least. You can find them either on CC Bay or the Sound. This past week they were so aggressive, they were hitting flies intended for bluefish and striped bass. Hair jigs, soft plastics, just about anything you throw at these Humpbacks will be eaten. Bluefish have also finally poked their head up along most of the south side of Cape. You can finally head to your favorite south facing beach or jetty and fish a popper with a good chance of hooking into a nice blue! This means wire leader material folks!

Black Eel Outfitters will now be open 7 days a week, and will be happy to assist you in all your light tackle and fly fishing needs.